Steam Cleaning
1st Stop Cleaning as a company are very Health and Safety conscious.

The water is boiled up to 160c and the steam pressure will be at 6 bar which will remove all dirt, grease and body fats killing all germs.

1st Stop Cleaning also use this method to remove chewing gum from paving, it melts and blasts away the gum.

Steam is a superb cleaning mechanism, it can also be used on your upholstery, carpets and windows. One of the other main areas that 1st Stop Cleaning would use steam is to deep clean kitchens as at these temperatures it would dissolve all grease.

1st Stop Cleaning clean a lot of car showrooms and garage workshops and would use this method to clean up oil spillages.

If you feel you have an area that would require this specialised cleaning then contact 1st Stop Cleaning.