1st Stop Cleaning Charter Trust
  • Every meeting will have a purpose and will generate an outcome or action.
  • We are to work hard to trust others intent, and to promote honesty and an open conversation.
  • Always honour commitments that are made and our own actions.
  • To respect and appreciate all differences that others bring along.
  • We are to build an environment that doesn't involve blame or negativity.
  • To call out any bad behaviours in an appropriate timely manner.
  • Be present at all times, ensuring your are in the moment and avoid any possible distractions.
  • Everyone has an opinion that should be welcomed and valued.
  • We are to be brave, proud and loud, to celebrate together.
  • Showcase our company and the skills we carry.

1st Stop Company Values
Respect "Respect yourself and each other"
  • Have compassion
  • Be considerate
  • Show encouragement
  • Be accepting
  • Be appreciative

Integrity "Knowing and doing what is right"
  • Be committed
  • Be courageous
  • Be honest
  • Be disiplined
  • Be resilient

Connected "Work in partnership"
  • Share knowledge and experience
  • Be cohesive
  • Communicate
  • Be easy to work with
  • Be approachable