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How to Look After your Office Plants (& Why you Should Bother!)

Having plants in the office may seem like a nice idea, but all too often introducing them into a work environment goes awry. In many cases, after a few weeks, you may be left with a few shedding, drooping, browning clumps in the corner. This is a tale as old as time which produces the very opposite of the intended effect. Rather than brightening up the place, dead plants can make your offices look unwelcoming and uncared for.

Why should offices have plants?

  • Plants could increase productivity. Some studies have suggested that office plants can actually boost staff productivity. A 10 year study from Exeter University suggests that office plants in a tidy work environment could boost productivity by 15%.
  • Office plants could reduce stress. The University of Technology, Sydney, recently found that having plants in our environment can actively reduce our stress levels.
  • Offices plants could reduce absenteeism and sick leave. Want to see more of your staff? Including more office plants in your workspace could help. The higher your team’s sense of well-being, the healthier and happier they’re likely to be!

A speedy guide to office plant care

So how can you introduce plants into your office without instantly killing them – and without having to become a part time botanist? Here’s a quick guide to getting office plant care right without devoting hours of your time to “greenify-ing” your workplace…

1) Choose wisely

The best tip for easy plant care is to choose office plants which will thrive in your workplace, with minimal upkeep. Some good options include:

  • Sansevieria (Snake plant) – Looks striking and a highly effective air purifier. A decent amount of sunshine and a sip of water every few weeks is all it needs.
  • Sedum Morganianum (Donkey Tails) – Unusual and great planted in a hanging basket away from foot traffic (to avoid knocking). Some sunlight and a fortnightly drink will do the trick.
  • ZZ plant – Billed as virtually indestructible, these plants are a good way to bring green into the office, with virtually no effort required. Indirect sunlight and the occasional drop of water are all it takes.

2) Keep them in one place

Once you’ve found the right spot for your office plants, try not to move them around too much. Our green friends take time to acclimatise to new environments (even if it’s just a little extra sunshine), so keeping them in one spot will help them thrive.

3) Assign responsibility

To ensure all of your office plants are kept healthy, assign responsibility for one plant to each member of staff. This should garner a little bit of competitiveness – and make your employees engage more with their environment.

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