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How to Clean uPVC Window Frames

As beautiful as they are, uPVC window frames need to be maintained properly. There are different colour variations depending on the film they have been coated with, but the most common ones are the white frames.

White uPVC window frames are often found hard to maintain because of their white colour, which makes the dirty area all the more visible. Cleaning this type of window frames up to a professional grade has its own fine points which you must be aware of when attempting to clean such.


Supplies you need

  • A bucket;
  • Lukewarm water;
  • 2 x clean cloths;
  • Brush;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Creamy non-abrasive cleaner;
  • uPVC cleaning solution.

Follow the steps below to achieve your desirable shiny look!


How to Clean uPVC Window Frames

  • Loosen up the dirt. It’s hard to clean anything that has been dirty for a long time. So, before you start doing anything, use a small brush to loosen up the dirt of the inside of the window frames. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a rag with rough fibers. Then, suck up the loosened dirt with a hoover.
  • Wash the residue. First, fill the bucket with lukewarm water. Dip a cloth into the water and gently wipe out the window frame surface internally and externally. The reason we’re not using a detergent yet is to make sure to remove anything that might get smudged later. Wipe the area dry.
  • Use a detergent. For marks and spots use the creamy cleaning solution. For more stubborn marks use a special uPVC cleaner you can get from a respected PVC supplier. Buff off the excess detergents with the cloth for a shiny look!

Despite having to do this procedure for every new stain on the window frames, the good news is that their surface makes the cleaning process a lot easier. Also, in most cases, you can get rid of 100% of the dirt and grime.


Apart from the cleaning steps, you should also have in mind these tips in order to achieve the perfect look for your uPVC frames. They are easy to remember and can save you potential damages.


Cleaning uPVC Window Frames Tips

  • Only use white rags when cleaning. The reason for this is that brightly coloured cloths may transfer fiber paint onto the uPVC window frame. And, this is the type of stain you don’t want there, as it’s one of the hard ones to deal with.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning solution. This is very important, because the surface of the window frames despite being sturdy, it’s very prone to scratching. Another detergent you should avoid is bleach, or you may end up with ruined window frames.
  • Don’t use the same procedure on the glass. Remember, glass is very different from uPVC, so everything you read so far should only be used on the window frames. Cleaners for uPVC should never be applied to glass.

Maintaining uPVC window frames is not a hard task and doesn’t need much education, but it’s good to know a few tips that can ensure the shine of your snow-white window frames.


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