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Get Your Own Comprehensive Office Cleaning Checklist

No matter where your office is situated, be it near an industrial area or in a secluded building on the outskirts of your town, dust and dirt will always find their way into your work environment. Dust is everywhere, in- and outdoors. It’s inevitable, therefore regular office cleaning sessions must be in order.


What is dust and where does it come from?
It depends. If we are talking dust from outside, it consists mainly of pollen and spores produced by plants, as well as small particles of soil carried around by the wind. Indoor dust accumulates mainly from human and pet hair, dead skin, textile fibers, and dirt we bring with us from outside, along with our clothes and shoes.


Why is it important to maintain cleanliness on a daily basis?
The number one reason is, of course, employees’ health. A germ-free and hygienic office environment means less sick leaves and more productivity. Other than that, a well-maintained workspace improves your company’s reputation and overall employee job satisfaction.


Office Cleaning Checklist
An office cleaning schedule is usually divided into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Below is a commercial cleaning checklist that applies not only to office spaces but also for shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.



  • Empty waste and recycle bins, clean and disinfect where needed, and change liners;
  • Dust horizontal surfaces, such as chairs, desks, tables, and other furniture and surfaces;
  • Wipe and clean food preparation and eating areas;
  • Hoover all hard floors, carpets, and mats – book professional cleaning once every month or two. The average cost is unmatched in terms of value to pricing.
  • Use disinfectants to mop all hard floors;
  • Load and unload the office dishwasher, and stock toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and, hand soap;
  • Wipe down all internal glass, light switches, door frames, and handles;
  • Clean and sanitise all basins, hand towel dispensers/hand dryers;
  • Sterilise toilets and urinals;
  • Clean partitions, mirrors, whiteboards, and picture frames;
  • Dust and wipe computer monitors, keyboards, periphery, and telephones.


  • Spot clean walls, painted surfaces, and remove any cobwebs;
  • Polish glass, mirrors and metallic surfaces;
  • Squeegee-clean windows in and out (if possible);
  • Buff all hardwood surfaces, floors, and conference tables;
  • Empty refrigerator from all food, clean and disinfect;
  • Refill soap dispensers;
  • Clean any kitchen appliances.


  • Vacuum fabric chairs and other upholstery;
  • Check and clean the vents;
  • Polish and maintain hard floors.

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