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Benefits of High-Pressure Steam Cleaning

If you are the manager of any business requiring the cleanest of work environments, you will no doubt be looking for the most efficient and effective method of cutting through all that grease. High pressure steam cleaning is a powerful method of removing built up dirt, even in the hard to reach places. It needn’t come at a heavy cost, in fact, it can work out cheaper than less efficient cleaning methods. It is more hygienic, as well as kinder to the environment, so high pressure steam cleaning should always be a serious consideration for many jobs.


The steam jets themselves provide more than enough force to make for some impressive unblocking power.


Hygiene is Vital

High pressure steam cleaning has become a popular method for hospitals, restaurants, food processing businesses and anywhere where the highest health standards are essential. The high pressure of the steam allows temperatures of 150°C or more, killing germs and eradicating mould without the need for detergents or other chemicals. This also makes it an ideal solution for hypoallergenic environments.


A Cheaper, Greener Option

The force and high temperature of the steam gets results without the use of detergents or harmful chemicals. The process leaves the workplace without any chemical residue, which is good for your staff, and without any polluting run-off, which also makes very good sense for the environment.


A lot less water is used than with traditional methods, which makes the process far more energy-efficient. That is better for both the pocket and the planet. Cleaning is faster, and less water also means drying times are much reduced, minimising any delay and freeing up the workplace to let your staff get straight back to business.


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