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Yet, if you actually stopped to think about it, you’d be surprised and alarmed by the number of small bugs thriving in the average workplace. Cockroaches, ants, mice and flies can all pose significant health risks if overlooked, so it’s time to take a zero tolerance approach to pests and bugs in your office.


How Do I Know If We Have Pests?
One clear indicator your office may have a pest problem is if you see spiders lurking in the corners of the rooms. While spiders themselves are completely harmless, it’s important to remember that they can only survive by eating insects. Therefore, if you find them lurking in warm and dry spots such as air vents, desks and corners of the room, it’s time to arrange an office deep clean to eliminate their source of food.


Food Preparation Areas
In general, bugs and pests are attracted to any type of food, so it makes sense that they’ll be attracted to areas in which food preparation takes place. If you have an office kitchen, you may well find that if there’s an existing pest infestation this is where you’ll find it. Flies lay their eggs in any organic material they find in an unemptied bin, while drain flies lay larvae which feed on dirt around and inside the sink. Ants can sometimes be seen marching across floors and counter tops, feeding and nesting within easy reach of crumbs and food debris. Checking these areas of your workplace is the best place to begin if you want to determine for sure whether or not your office has an infestation problem that needs addressing.


Dealing With Bugs At Work
If you find pests and bugs lurking in your workplace, that doesn’t necessarily mean that its filthy and unhygienic. On the other hand, it does mean that it could be time to put a more thorough cleaning regime in place. This is the best way to avoid being overrun with unwanted bugs. It’s also wise to encourage workers to eat their lunch in a specific location instead of at their desks since telephones and keyboards can be an attractive nesting spot for bugs.


Tidy workplaces aren’t just more pleasant to work in and create the right impression for customers and clients who are visiting the premises, they also help to reduce the amount of time that staff take off for sickness. Since around 140 million working days are lost every year because of sickness – something which costs UK companies about £32 billion annually, you definitely shouldn’t overlook the problems associated with messy and dirty office spaces.


At 1st Stop Cleaning, our professional team are on hand to help you to keep your work environment clean, tidy and pest free. Thanks to the skill of our cleaning staff, your office can stay hygienic at all times. Contact us on 01202 488444 for more information