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Who doesn’t like the look and feel of brand new carpet under their feet? It's warmer than tile and softer than hardwood, and it gives a sense of comfort, especially when it’s lush and soft.


1st Stop Cleaning know this perfectly well and we have come up with five tips you can use to extend the life of your investment, as follows:


Avoid Scrubbing Stains
We get it. Stains on your brand new carpet is horrifying, especially if they are of the stubborn kind like curry and red wine.


However, grabbing the first rag or dish towel you can find and scrubbing the stain frantically is the worst thing you can do. It only spreads the stain and make it harder to remove, plus you end up damaging your carpet when you scrub it as the fibers can fade and unravel.


We recommend gently scraping up whatever you can, without causing any mess in the process. Then using paper towel or a rag to blot any remaining moisture. Once that is done, use a stain remover and carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid further damage to your carpet.


Remove Spills Immediately
Almost as bad as scrubbing stains is not cleaning them up right away! Accidents do happen but how quickly you respond determines the end result. If left unattended, spills can turn into troubling stains that are difficult to remove. Stains that are high-pigmented such as tomato sauce or curry gravy should be cleaned up right away to avoid damage to carpet fibres and padding.


Test Products Before Use
There is a wide array of cleaning products on the market, especially geared at maintaining your carpet. Most products contain similar ingredients and do pretty much the same thing, so it boils down to the preferred brand.


While you might be anxious to remove that pesky stain that is an eyesore in your otherwise exquisite living room, we recommend testing the product in a small and less conspicuous spot before taking action. Some products have been known to react negatively with some carpet dyes and this can completely ruin your carpet.


Avoid Using Non-Related Products
We understand that there may be times when you run out of your favourite cleaner. However, try to avoid the common mistake of using products such as deodorisers or shampoos that were never intended to clean carpets. Your carpet will love you for it.


Seek Professional Help
We recommend that you do the routine maintenance that is required, but when all else fails, contact an expert to handle jobs that are too complex for you. This will save you time and money in the long term, as well as preserve the life of your beloved carpet.


Contact 1st Stop Cleaning today for a professional clean. We will take care of those messy jobs so that you can spend time doing what really matters. Our professional and knowledgeable team is on hand and ready to assist you!